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Shopping at the historical market of Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi Market Italy

Forte dei Marmi is located in Versilia (Tuscany) and it is framed by the Apuan Alps. The town is famous for the marble trade that comes from the imposing mountain. But it is known throughout Europe not only for its dream beaches, but above all for its historic market: synonymous with trendiness and refinement for over half a century.

Forte dei Marmi Market

This market is loved by VIPs, invaded by tourists and appreciated by the locals. The Forte dei Marmi market take the name from the city of Versilia where it was born and it takes place every summer in the centre of Piazza Marconi.

It is close to the sea and surrounded by a pine forest that provides a pleasant coolness. This historical market is known throughout the Peninsula for the unquestionable quality of the items offered: from footwear to clothing, from lingerie to costume jewelery, from leather goods to cashmere up to pret a porter and jeans.

It is a market with real openair boutiques that gives this luxuriant town a further touch of style. Which woman wouldn’t want to get lost among a market that contains goods labelled with the excellence of Made in Italy? This market is world-famous for its fine textiles but also for its precious handicrafts, made by Florentine craftsmen.

The consortium of street vendors

In 2002 a number of traders, who promoted the elite market in the town’s historic square, joined together in a consortium with the idea of expanding their open-air boutiques outside this town. Thus the consortium “The ambulants of Forte dei Marmi” was born. The unique stands located throughout the town joined forces and moved to other towns in central Italy to reach their most loyal customers.

In order to keep up with the times and the latest trends,”The ambulants of Forte dei Marmi” have also implemented online sales and created an e-commerce so people can be able to buy from home.

Of course visiting this market personally is a whole other story – between a swim in the clear waters of Forte dei Marmi and an aperitif in the centre! So make a note in your calendar to visit Italy’s chicest market on Wednesdays and Sundays from 8am to 1.30pm.

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