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Everything you need to know about Mondello Beach, Sicily

Mondello beach Italy

The beach of Mondello is one of the most scenic in Palermo!

Mondello is a piece of paradise and for tourists in Palermo its beach has an important relevance: it is one of the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear water; it is also the heart of nightlife in the city.

Mondello is more than just beach. It is an Art Nouveau unique gem: this art characterizes many of the buildings on the promenade and the fishing village in the old town.

Visit Mondello: beach and sea

Mondello beach
The famous beach of Mondello, Sicily, Italy. Credits to: elesi/Shutterstock

Mondello is one of the most beautiful and evocative beaches in Palermo; it is 10 km far from the city center and it is possible to visit in a short time. You can enjoy the wonderful experience of its beautiful unspoiled nature, pine forest reserve and Mediterranean scrub vegetation.

The bay is enclosed between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo so that it offers beauty and wild glimpses all over the year.

In summertime Mondello beach becomes the meeting point for lovers of swimming, sunbathing, water sports and nightlife: it is the best sandy coast in Palermo and it has comforts, services and entertainments for all kind of tourists. Besides its fine sand, its Caribbean-like blue sea, its nautical clubs, the traditional colorful fishermen’s boats are an attraction for everyone who comes here.

Mondello Beach is the trendy one in Palermo but there are other beautiful beaches too. It is nice to discover other nature beauties in Palermo surroundings, if you have a longer holiday. Moving from here, you will get to Capo Gallo, Capaci, Punta Raisi, Cala Rossa, Capo Rama.

Mondello by night

If it is a marvelous destination at sunset, Mondello by night shows a seductive look, too.

It is beautiful to pass a night in Mondello, appreciating the breeze blowing from the sea. If you love listening to music on a night out, choose one of the cafes on the promenade to taste a cocktail or a lemon granita. Trendy people love beach parties and Mondello is the right place to enjoy one with your friends.

Mondello beach and its historic centre are full of nightclubs such as beach clubs, wine bars and cocktail bars that organise happy hours at sunset and evenings with live music and DJ sets. TravelingItaly recommends you:

  • Terrazze Lounge Bar: quality and elegance, directly overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mondello.
  • Mida Lounge Bar: a bathhouse that organises lunches or dinners with music.
  • Ombelico del Mondo: one of Mondello’s most popular bathhouse for young people.
  • Discos.

Certainly the best time to visit Mondello is in summer; but, as we know, summer in Sicily lasts much longer!

What to see nearby

  • Palermo (30 minutes by car)
    Palermo – also called the Arab-Norman city – is the regional capital of Sicily and it is a wonderful city, full of monuments, churches and works of art. It is not a coincidence that the historic city centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.
  • Capo Gallo Natural Reserve (15 minutes by car)
    Capo Gallo Natural Reserve was established in 2001. It covers an area of almost 586 hectares and consists mainly of Monte Gallo, a carbonate massif. The reserve is to be considered a place of nature conservation, a reservoir of biodiversity and a range of priority habitats.

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